Youth Coach Expectations

Portland Ultimate puts a lot of trust in its youth coaches. While we appreciate all volunteer contributions big and small, we need to make it clear that being a youth coach is a big job and should not be taken lightly. Here are our expectations:

  • Youth coaches stick with their teams throughout the entire season. It is very important that players and parents see the same face every week, and it undermines your own hard work to abandon your team mid-season. By being dependable coaches, you will help build stronger relationships with the kids so they want to keep playing and also invite their friends. Historically, when the coach stops showing up programs tend to fall apart.
  • Youth coaches do not miss practices and games unexpectedly. If you know you are going to miss a game, communicate that with your players and parents as far in advance as possible and find a sub. Portland Ultimate provides a Slack channel to help you find a sub, but ultimately it is your responsibility (although you can certainly ask if you need help).
  • Youth coaches make it a priority to make everyone feel welcome, especially girls and new players.
  • Youth coaches show up to practice with a plan. Players improve their skills the fastest when they are doing drills, so come up with a few drill ideas before practice.

We appreciate all you do and know that coaching is not always an easy job. Just remember, nothing is more rewarding than growing a passion for Ultimate in young people.