Unofficial pickup games

NOTE: please do not play on wet and muddy grass fields. Portland Parks & Rec has requested that all sports using cleats do not play on saturated fields, as it costs a lot of money and time to make them usable again.

Pickup games are happening all around town, all days of the week. However, Portland Ultimate focuses on running Leagues, Tournaments, and Youth and Women’s events. As such, the pickup games listed here are not affiliated with Portland Ultimate.

There is a map of pickup games on

  • Mondays & Wednesdays after-work game at 5 Oaks Middle School. Games start at 5:45 and go until dark. This is a low-key, spirited game. Join our Google Group for updates.
  • PSU lunchtime pickup [updated 6/12/2017]:
    • The best way to keep track of the PSU games is via our email list and FB group. Please sign up–all skill levels welcome!
    • Tuesdays and Fridays at the NEW Duniway Turf Field at 12pm
  • Overlook Park lunchtime pickup
    • When: Noonish on Wednesdays (game usually runs from ~12:10-1:15)
    • Where: Always at Overlook Park. We’ve been playing there since 1997!
    • The skill level has varied over the years but all are welcome—we are a friendly group.
    • We play year round but please join our email list as we may occasionally cancel a game due to weather conditions. Subscribe by emailing Don Bachman.
  • Masters pickup
    • When: Every Sunday afternoon, rain or shine.
    • Where: Time and venue vary during the course of the year.
    • For detailed info please subscribe to our mailing list by sending a note to
  • Tigard-Tualatin lunchtime pickup
    • 11:30AM Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • Men and women, all skill levels welcome.
    • Located at Jergens Park
  • Tigard-Sherwood Ultimate Frisbee
    • When: Tuesday Nights 7pm
    • Where: Tigard High School, usually somewhere on the backside of the school
    • Who: Anyone is welcome, the group is mostly 20-30 something guys but we occasionally have some ladies play too
    • Why: We love Ultimate, don’t you!?
    • What to bring: Cleats and/or shoes, we usually play on grass but occasionally get a turf field
    • How serious is this: Intermediate, we like to have fun so we just follow the basics but we will ten count you 🙂

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