Men’s Winter League 2018


Men’s Winter League is back for 2018!

This is the third year of Men’s Winter League! These first two years have been fun, energy was great, but team balance has been an issue. Making more balanced teams will be the goal this year. BYOT for Masters teams.

WhereDelta Park turf fields 5, 6 and 7

When: 6 weeks of play. Every Tuesday night from 8-9:45 PM, January 9 – February 27

Cost: $40 per player. Students use discount code MWLStudent2018.

  • The skill level of this league is intermediate and above.
  • Draft will be on 1/2/2018. Exact time/location TBD.
  • Draft is cooperative. Captains are expected to help other captains pick players in the best interest of a balanced league.
  • 5 players per team on a smaller field. Two games per night. Hoping for 6 teams
  • Player substitutions happen on the fly: all players sub in from the center of the field and must slap hands with the outgoing player before that player can play.
  • If you have further questions, please email for more information.

How to register:

  1. Captains: If you are interested in captaining — Sign up as a Team Captain. Then you will participate in the cooperative draft to draft your team.
  2. Masters Captains: Sign up as a Team Captain, then invite the rest of your roster through LeagueApps.
  3. Masters Players: Wait for an invite from your team captain, then sign-up as Team Player
  4. Everyone else: Sign up as a Free Agent and you will be drafted onto a team.



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