Men’s Spring League 2017


Get Ready for Men’s Spring League 2017

This year we are looking to have a spirited and competitive 6-week league, starting May 3. Intermediate to advanced skill players welcomed (beginner players please note this is happening the same night and time as Skillz League, please sign up for that!).

We are looking for up to six captains to run teams; please bring a minimum of 5 players, up to a maximum of 10, with the remaining roster to be filled with free agents. Bringing an entire pre-made team is possible but will be subject to review by league coordinators for competitive balance’s sake.

Captains will sign up first to create the team in LeagueApps, then teammates can join. Our goal is to create a competitive league that is organized and spirited, and we’d like team captains to help us maintain a high quality experience by keeping teammates engaged and positive. Pick a strategy, develop a team identity and set goals for the team, and have your chosen teammates help you reinforce those ideas. Make the experience more than pick up.

If you don’t have a team to sign up on, no worries, sign up as a free agent and the league coordinators will put you on a team, with an eye toward making this league as competitive and equal as possible.

Important details:

  • All players must be signed up and paid by April 28, 2017. This give you two weeks to organize and sign up!
  • League format will be 7 v 7, hoping for six teams but may run with 4 depending on numbers.
  • Where: Delta Park grass fields.
  • When: Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm starting 5/3 – 6/7.
  • Cost: $30 (please note, jerseys will not be provided to keep costs down) — if you are a student or AmeriCorps volunteer, use the code STUDCORPS for a $5 discount.

If you don’t think you can commit to the entire 6-week season, you can pay $7 to drop-in. Just be sure to let the coordinator know beforehand.

Please contact the coordinator if you have any questions!

Looking forward to some fun men’s ultimate this spring!



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