Log Jam 2017


Log Jam 2017
May 27–28, 2017
Hood River, Oregon

Log Jam is back for 2017! Once again, we welcome you to join us Memorial Day weekend for frisbee, camping, friends and all sorts of fun. And great news: we are returning to our new Hood River County Fairgrounds location!

Highlights of Log Jam include:

  • 2 days of amazingly spirited ultimate
  • 3 days of camping (you can camp through Monday!) with showers!
  • Lots of backyard games including, cricket, can jam, and more!
  • Dinner, beer and cider Saturday night
  • Breakfast foods Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • A truly solid field food spread
  • Saturday movie night for the whole family
  • Saturday night DJ and dancing capping off with a silent dance party (wireless headphones!!)
  • A live musical performance (?)
  • …and so much more!

All of this takes place at the Hood River County Fairgrounds and everything listed is included in the price of your tourney fee. Once you park your car and set up your tent you should want for almost nothing for the rest of the weekend. Fields, food, showers, camping and party all take place at the same location!

Free Agents: We will accommodate free agents by either assigning them to teams in need of extra players or possibly creating a free agent team if there is enough demand. Please don’t hesitate to register even if you don’t yet have a team and are interested in attending Log Jam.

About Log Jam
As you know, Log Jam is the epitome of the Spirit of the Game. And accordingly, the spirit and fun will be rampant and contagious.

The tournament has traditionally been a memorial for former Ultimate Frisbee player and Log Jam tournament director Erin Pollot, whose irrepressible spirit was key to the early success of Log Jam. Pollot, who passed in 2002, was an integral part of the Portland ultimate community and a friend to many.

We will also be honoring the memory of Chris Beach-Rehner, a beloved member of the Portland Ultimate community. Whether he was on the field with the Stags, rocking a dwarf beard with the Natural Twenties, or leading a youth clinic, we could count on Chris to bring creative cheers, colorful outfits, wisdom, compassion, and big, accepting hugs.

A portion of the proceeds from the tournament will go to charity in their honor. Donations are welcome.

In memory of CBR and Erin, everyone is encouraged to take their spirit to the next level — with fantastic cheers, amazing spirit games, spectacular team costumes, and of course… lots and lots of tails!

Hope to see you there!



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