Gender Equity Survey Results


Hello Portland Ultimate Community!

About a month ago, a survey was sent out to the female-identifying members of our community in an effort to learn more about our current mixed and women’s league offerings. We got 91 responses and we want to share with you what was learned and what we, as a Board, plan to do with that information. Here is the information we received, compiled in the most succinct possible manner. Please reach out if you would like more information.

The questions focused primarily on the strengths and areas for improvement within our mixed gender leagues (specifically, Spring League). Spring League is one of Portland Ultimate’s most popular leagues and, for a number of years, we have had to turn away men, while we scramble to get enough women. This (among other things) points to an issue within our community regarding gender equity. After hearing feedback from women about their frustrations with mixed ultimate and from men about their frustrations with not being able to play Spring League, we sent out this survey with the hopes of improving our community for everyone.

Based on feedback from the female-identifying ultimate community, the board will be working to implement targeted interventions focused on improving gender equity on and off the field. Interventions will range from broad picture (equity trainings for board, staff, and community at large), to specific, technical solutions (even gender leagues, training captains and coaches, improved communication between community and board).

Please click the link below to download the full report, as compiled by our Equity Chair, Kathryn Stilwell

Equity Survey Response

[As always, we thank John King of Flatball Photography for the use of his excellent pictures!]


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