Elementary School Spring League

This a league for elementary school players and teams from the greater Portland area. It’s a great way for kids to have fun and develop new skills.
  • When: Sunday mornings, Apr. 5–June 7, 9–11:30 am at Willamette and Duniway Parks. 
  • Ages: This league is open to boys and girls in grades 3–5.

All players register as “free agents” and sign up individually. The cost is $40 per player and includes a reversible Portland Youth Ultimate jersey. Financial assistance is available upon request through the PUFF Youth Development Fund.

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Game Format and Rules
Teams play two games each week at Willamette Park or Duniway Park in SW Portland. The final two sessions will be a tournament playoff.
Each team will have four players on the field. This is an “open” league, which means that that there is no required number of boys and girls on the field. (See the FAQ “Can girls play in this league?” below.)
While we officially follow USAU’s Rules of Ultimate, 12th Edition, we do not often need to go much beyond the rules that are laid out in 10 Simple Rules of Ultimate.
Who Can Play
Boys and girls in grades 3–5 are welcome to join. No prior experience needed. Players sign up individually and will be placed on teams geographically. Teams will have a maximum of 10 players.
Games will be played 4-on-4 on a smaller-sized field. No gender ratio will be required for players on the field (which means that boys and girls may end up guarding each other). The first week will be a day of casual play while players and teams get to know each other.

  • How do I put together a team? If you are interested in bringing a team, email the league director to get the process started.
  • How many players do I need to make a team? At least 8 players, but more is better. If you do not have enough at your school (maybe you’re the only one!), we may be able to connect you with another school in the same situation. Even established teams in the league regularly pick up free-agent players from other schools. Email the league director for helping find a team to join with.
  • Can girls play in this league? This is an “open” league. That means there is no required number of boys and girls on the field as there would be with a coed (or “mixed”) league. So, girls can play in in the league but they might not (and often won’t) be playing against other girls.
  • Can younger players participate? Yes; however, we will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. Please email the league director.



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