Elementary & Middle School Winter Goalty Leagues


[Photo by John King/Flatball Photography]

Elementary & Middle School Winter Goalty Leagues

Age Divisions: Elementary – 3rd-5th grades. Middle – 6th-8th grades. (email youthdirector@portlandultimate.org about exceptions)
Time: Sundays, 1-3 pm
Dates: Jan 7, Jan 14, Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11
Format: Goaltimate, a variation of Ultimate that emphasizes quick throws and features a semicircular hoop.
Location: Grant Park Turf

Cost: $35
Teams: Players sign-up individually and play a pick-up game on the first day (January 7th). Teams will be formed after the first day of league. If you are unable to make the first day, send an email to be placed on a team to youthdirector@portlandultimate.org with a description of your skill and experience.
Buddies: If you have a friend or two you would like to play with please include your friends’ names in your registration. (Groups of 3 friends maximum).



What is Goaltimate?

Goaltimate is a half-court disc game derived from Ultimate with the object to score points by throwing the frisbee to a teammate in a small scoring area, through a large semicircular hoop called the goal. It’s as if ultimate and basketball were brought together in harmony!

Gameplay consists of two teams of four players each with the goal at one end and a clear zone in the other. Throwing the disc through the goal to a teammate standing within the scoring area results in one point. Woohoo!

The disc can only go one direction through the hoop and passing otherwise results in a turnover. As in ultimate, turnovers also result when a disc is dropped, intercepted, goes out of bounds, or when the thrower is stalled at 5 seconds. Yep, it’s only 5 seconds in Goalty! Unlike in Ultimate, a stall count may be called from anywhere on the playing field. Play is continuous, with no pause after scores or clears.


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