Mixed Beginner League 2018


Portland Ultimate is excited to announce 2018 Beginner League for adults new to the game of Ultimate!

Ultimate is a non-contact coed game (men cover men, women cover women) where beginners of ALL ages [from teens to 60s!]can learn to play.

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8 PM

Delta Park Grass Fields

4/18/2018 to 6/6/2018

Tournament on Saturday 6/9/2018

You can bring your own team of beginners (need minimum of 2 women & 2 men to form team) or sign up with some friends and be placed on the same team, or just sign up as yourself!

The cost is $80 per player through March 30th, $90 thereafter. If you are a student, use the code BEGSTUD at registration to receive a $10 discount.

  • Relaxed, fun, spirited, supportive atmosphere
  • For learning an entirely new game, or as a refresher for people who have played in an unstructured environment [pickup]
  • Multiple coaches will give personalized attention to participants


To be eligible for Beginner League, you must not have played more than one year in previous Portland Ultimate Skillz Leagues. If you have, you cannot register for Beginner League (see exception below) and should instead sign up for Rec League!

How To Tell If You Are NOT a beginner:

You can hold a disc backhand/forehand and throw somewhat flat throws with basic spin and accuracy.
You know what a “Stall Count” is.
You know what “Force Side” and “Break Side” mean.
You know what “cuts” are in Ultimate and why they are good.
You know the basic rules of the game already.
You have played in other Summer, Fall, or Winter leagues already.

Eligibility Exception:
If you want an exception to the above eligibility rule, have your coach from previous year’s Skillz League email beginnerleague@portlandultimate.org. They’ll discuss which league is right for you.

How to sign up:

  • If you want to start your own team, sign up as a captain and invite your friends – be sure to let them know the name of your team! We will also place free agents on your team to ensure that every team has roughly equal numbers of players.
  • If you are looking to learn, play and have fun but don’t know others to sign up with, register as a free agent and we’ll put you on a team!


If you have any questions, email beginnerleague@portlandultimate.org

REGISTER HERE [thanks very much to Vinai Charoenwongsawang for the use of his picture!]


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