Information for Parents


We are thrilled that you and your child have chosen to become involved with Portland Ultimate - Youth (PUFFY). To help you understand the organization in which your child and you are a part of, please read the following descriptions of the PUFFY Mission, PUFF/PUFFY relationship and PUFFY Sponsored Events. It is our desire to use transparency to build your confidence in our organization.

PUFFY Mission: To develop opportunities for Portland area youth to learn skills, teamwork, leadship and problem-solving skills through Ultimate Frisbee.

PUFF/PUFFY Relationship: PUFFY is the Youth focused arm of Portland Ultaimte, a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity dedicated to the development of Ultimate in Portland.  PUFFY is the youth focus with a dedicated VP, board members, leaders and volunteers that brainstorm, organize and produce events.  PUFF retains a quarter time Director of Youth Development, its first paid employee, to focus on creating opportunities for youth development.

PUFFY Leadership:

  • Mike Moren PUFFY co-VP
  • Dave Dreher PUFFY co-VP

PUFFY Sponsored Events:  PUFFY sponsorship means you have the Portland Ultimate's assurance the event meets our standards which are important in keeping PUFFY participants and volunteers safe.  These standards include PUFF insurance, legal background checked volunteers and official Medical Release and Liability Waivers.  We require at least one adult be present at all times, ice for injuries and proper safety practices.  If you want to know if an event is an officially sponsored PUFFY event just ask

**Do NOT assume that any event organize by a PUFFY volunteer is approved PUFFY Sponsored Event.  Please check if you are unsure.  

PUFFY Website: We keep the PUFFY website up to date so it is your go to resource for all things Ultimate. These pages, listed under the PUFF Youth banner, provide information about tournaments, coaches, how to make a team, how to get Ultimate into your PE class and much, much more.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Thank you for being an informed and involved parent/guardian.